sue chapelhow director

KM has been founded on building and maintaining long-term partnerships.  Our work relationship with our clients is personal.

KM Cleaning and Maintenance Services Limited, formed in 2010.

KM is dedicated to providing a service “second to none” to our clients with a flexible schedule and transparent billing. Our management team  personally evaluate and assesses the client’s site in order to provide a tailored service.

What makes us, ‘us’ is our determination and willingness to provide excellent customer service, building long-term partnerships and constant innovation without impacting the quality of our services.

KM Cleaning and Maintenance Services Limited has over 12 years extensive experience working with schools. The experience gained, has allowed us to know what our clients need and want, so we can provide an excellent service throughout.


At KM Cleaning & Maintenance Services Ltd we pride ourselves on offering the highest quality cleaning for all types of businesses including schools and restaurants. We will go above and beyond to make sure that our customers are happy. We have over 10 years’ experience in the industry and our capabilities are not restricted by type, as we are more than confident to create a bespoke cleaning plan to suit your specific needs!


We work with heart and spirit, the way we work will show that we care about our clients and our staff.

When our clients contact us, we make sure that their data is safely stored. Look at our Privacy Policy  here . Client’s data is stored where it can be viewed and used when strictly required.

Once we have all details needed, we make sure that our client receives the services required with an effective manner.

After that, we make sure that the client gets the service promised and is satisfied with the services provided.  

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