Your building will create a good impression on your clients and employees


KM Cleaning and Maintenance Services Ltd can provide a comprehensive builders clean for contractors and builders, all over the UK.


Builders’ clean are usually undertaken after the builders have completed their work. KM operatives are trained to have an eye for detail, to ensure that a thorough and comprehensive cleaning is completed. 

KM Cleaning and Maintenance Service Ltd provides chemicals and equipment to complete a builders clean.


No matter how big or small your project is. KM Cleaning and Maintenance Services Ltd is determined to deliver a professional deep cleaning service. We have experience with pubs, restaurants, offices, schools and colleges. 


We will tailor our services to meet your needs, so you can meet your deadline.


Tasks can include:


Window cleaning (inside and out)

Cleaning of all surfaces

Removal of dust, labels, tape, paint splatter, protective film and adhesive

Floor treatments (on request)

Moping and vacuuming


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